Great New Tech Start-ups That We’re Liking – March


Acorns is still in beta mode but we think this app will be massive.  Acorns gives you a way to invest your spare change and builds you your own investment portfolio.  How it works is you connect your debit or credit card to the app, they monitor your spending and round up your purchases to the nearest dollar and then invest the change.  So in essence you can build a portfolio without even thinking about it, plus it’s money that’s a lot easier to part with.  It won’t make you millions but it will give you a low-risk foot into the investment world.  We think it’s a brilliant idea.

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Skully Helmets

Noone in the Bamboo Crowd office rides a motorbike but we’re definitely considering getting one with the release of this product from Skully Helmets – the Skully P1, which sticks a Google Glass type of display, rear view camera, and Bluetooth into the helmet is an unbelievable cool device. Completely voice controlled, you can see behind you, use a GPS, connect with your smartphone for calls, play music, and even send texts. The cost will probably be ridiculous but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on this start-up.

Check out the demo video here – you will be amazed



Waygo launched this year at SXSW and picked up plenty of awards and attention, and no wonder.  This amazing app instantly translates Chinese and Japanese text, without any internet – just point and translate.  It might sound limited but Waygo plans to release the app for other languages too.  If you’ve been to Japan or China and have experienced the lack of English, especially in restaurants, then you’ll definitely welcome this innovative app.  No more ordering chicken feet by mistake!

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